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Information on AXA XL Consolidation


This web page provides background and information about the AXA XL division and the merger of key legal entities.

The mergers of AXA Corporate Solutions Assurance and AXA ART Versicherung AG into XL Insurance Company

As a result of AXA’s acquisition of XL Group Ltd on 12 September 2018, and the establishment of the AXA XL Division, the AXA XL Division had multiple underwriting platforms available to service its EU business. AXA has therefore carried out a legal entity consolidation under which the entire businesses of AXA Corporate Solutions Assurance, a société anonyme incorporated in and governed by the laws of France (registered number 399 227 354 RCS Paris), ("ACS") and AXA ART Versicherung AG, a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) incorporated in and governed by the laws of Germany, ("AXA ART") has merged into XL Insurance Company, a Societas Europaea registered in Ireland, ("XLICSE"), including their respective branches (the "AXA XL Legal Entity Consolidation").

Implementation of the AXA XL Legal Entity Consolidation

The AXA XL Legal Entity Consolidation has been carried out in three interdependent phases. These phases were driven by the process for obtaining all relevant regulatory and legal approvals:

  • Phase 1: Transfer of ACS Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia branches to XLICSE Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia branches (the "Asia Pacific Transfers"). The Asia Pacific Transfers were carried out by way of a local law business transfer. The Asia Pacific Transfers became effective on 1 July 2019 in Hong Kong, 1 August 2019 in Singapore and 1 September 2019 in Australia.
  • Phase 2: Transfer of ACS to become a subsidiary of XLICSE. The transfer of ACS to become a subsidiary of XLICSE was carried out by way of a local law business transfer and became effective on 1 October 2019.
  • Phase 3: European cross-border mergers of the businesses of ACS and AXA ART into XLICSE (the "Mergers"). All required regulatory approvals, as well as the approval of the Irish High Court, have now been received in relation to the Mergers. The Irish High Court ordered that the Mergers become effective on 31 December 2019. To meet local law requirements in Jersey, the approval of the Royal Court of Jersey was required to transfer the insurance business effected and/or carried out in Jersey by the ACS and AXA ART UK branches (the "Jersey Scheme"). The Royal Court of Jersey approved the Jersey Scheme on 11 December 2019 and ordered that the Jersey Scheme become effective at the same time as the Mergers on 31 December 2019. Further information on the Jersey Scheme can be found in the "Further Information Section".

Cancellation Rights

If you are a policyholder of ACS or AXA ART, you may have a right to cancel your policy as a result of the Mergers. For more information on the cancellation rights, please refer to the link provided in the "Further Information" section below.

Further Information

The following link provides further information on the Mergers:

If you have any questions about the AXA XL Legal Entity Consolidation, please contact us by email, post or telephone as follows:

Post: Attn: Arabella Ramage, General Counsel, XLICSE
Legal Department
AXA XL, a division of AXA
6th Floor, 20 Gracechurch Street,
London EC3V 0BG. United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 207 933 7438

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